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  1. Front Brake Pad Issues

    Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion
    So I’m right at 50K miles and I decided to replace the brake pads and rotors on both the front and rear of my 2015 Fiesta ST. Only problem is that I cannot seem to find a set of front pads that correctly fit. I ordered a set of EBC Yellowstuff from CardID that said it was a specific fit to my...
  2. Complete Brake & Clutch Flush

    Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Hey guys, I have been searching for information on this and I have not really seen anything other than general stuff. My car needs a full flush, can anyone point me to some guide that I can follow that is specific to the Fiesta. I have a general idea of how to do it but I would like some...
  3. Brake Judder at Hot Temperature

    Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Hello Everyone, I just got my Fiesta ST this week and am really enjoying the car. I am a former mechanic and currently work as a mechanical engineer so I have a pretty good idea of how cars work overall but not an expert at these cars so I figured id ask you (the experts). Driving normal the...
  4. Rear Caliper Guide Pins AY1Z-2C150-A

    Fiesta ST Maintenance
    All, During my recent pad change, I noticed that one of the guide pins on one of my rear calipers was corroded. So went to the Tasca website and began looking. I couldn't find it, but the chat window popped up and I asked Joy. She found it, listed as CALIPER SUPPORT RETAINER KIT - FORD...