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  1. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Hello, just wondering if anyone has any ideas at all before I give up with my little mk6 fiesta st150. The ABS light has been on constantly for 2 years, I have done everything! This car has had it all and my soul.. it’s showing no faults, it’s had new abs sensors, brake lines, pads, callipers...
  2. Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion
    Hey Team FiST, Just thought I'd share this little gem since it was totally a surprise to me when I got my 2018 yesterday. Up until now, I believe all 2014 - 2017 Fiesta ST's did not have the rear view camera. But 2018 does!! I'm so happy for this feature, it just makes life easier when you...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey Team FiST, just got my 2018 Fiesta ST in Orange Spice yesterday after 3 months of waiting. I'm loving it so far! Despite everyone saying not to mount the front bracket, it got installed so the dealer is going to get me some painted to match plugs. Does anyone have a better suggestion...
  4. Fiesta ST EcoBoost™ Tuning
    Advantages of Wavetrac over other Limited Slip Differentials on the Market: The unique feature of the Wavetrac is that it is designed to continue applying power to the wheel with the most grip even if the other wheel lifts off the ground. Patented Wavetrac design automatically improves grip...
  5. Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion
    Hey everyone just putting up a little message becuase you never know!!!! I am just looking for a little help for this great community I was planing on doing some mods to my 2014 fist but can no longer work due to a serious injury to my lower spine. I had a ton of feed bags fall on me from a...
  6. Fiesta ST Parts for Sale
    Hey, I've got a Cobb V3 Accessport unmarried from my Fiesta ST I just traded this past weekend for an Ecoboost Mustang. It's mostly complete sans the boxes, manual, and the ball mount for the dash. Asking $380 shipped. (due to lack of boxes/ball mount and the few small chips in the grey faceplate).
  7. Fiesta ST Photos and Media
    Like most of you I'm sure, I'd been following the development of the new Fiesta since it was teased at the NA auto shows. But with already having a car I figured buying one wouldn't be in the cards for a couple of years. At least until the wife and I found new jobs or a more permanent location...
  8. Fiesta ST Exterior Upgrades
    I have the Diode Dynamics HID conversion kit for Fiesta ST and was hoping someone could tell me what aftermarket clip they used to get the HID H1 bulb to fit in to the stock housing unit.
1-8 of 8 Results