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Hey all. Wish my first post wasnt about service advice, but here goes:

Beginning of Oct I got a 14 ST. The dealer put a passtime in it to prevent non payment (can turn the car off if I dont pay)Drove it 3 days then the car would "turn off" while driving. To clarify, I was driving and all electrical shut off (engine still on) and gave me christmas tree dashboard. The car would not start until 10 mins later. Drove fine, but then did it again.

I took it to my work, hooked up my scan tool and saw a slew of different (non current codes, including u0155, u0420 etc. Took it to the dealership and they said it had a loose wire (from the passtime) and that they fixed it. 2 days later same thing, except this time when i tried to start the car the doors locked, hatch popped, radio on etc.
Got it towed back and the car has been there and now ford every since.

They have replaced : alt, pulley and belt, crank and camshaft sensor, drained the fuel, checked ecu( since I insisted it was a PCM/ECU issue) and still to this day can not get it to start, or if it does it dies. I have driven my car a total of 5 days and it sucks.. any thoughts at all that I can look into and tell them as well? Has any one had this issue?

Note: I did put a Turbosmart BOV on.
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