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It's been 2 years with this turd. Kinda started hating it a little bit over time for some of its minor issues (stupid clunky shift from 1 to 2 still here, 2nd gear grinds and doesn't go in gear when I'm trying to shift fast, car feels like misfiring on a cold start after I start gently driving it but only for like 5-7 seconds: you push on the gas pedal and the car kinda stumbles and hesitates to accelerate then you get a slight "kick" in the back seat as the power comes back and it drives normally - no codes no nothing, annoying as fuck). So far it's been 9 oil changes with Motorcraft Synthetic Blend 5W-20, broken fog light, 3 wrench lights, and 16B11 "recall" done. Mods that went on the car are (in order first to latest) Mountune filter, COBB RMM, Turmosmart BOV dual port shortie for Fiesta ST, and Velossa Tech Big Mouth. Maintenance-wise I changed my tires at 31600 miles (got a great deal for black wheels, tires and tpms sensors so I tossed my old wheels and tires) and changed front pads and rotors at 36000 miles. Rear ones are due soon too since they started squeaking already (pads still have 3 mm life). Currently sitting at 44170 happy miles. Not planning to put any more mods on the car or tune it in the near future - stock power is plenty fun for me. Might have to pull the plugs soon to see how they are doing, I checked them at around 22000 miles and they were in good shape. It might be gone soon, but not sure yet. I wish I can have 2 cars, but another beast I'm wanting will make my insurance impossible to pay. Best car for the money hands down, I don't care what anyone says! No your track Miata is not better in terms of fun, sorry...


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