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For this detail, I did not do much documentation as I was removing an old coating that had held up decent. The truck has done 24,000 miles in 10 months since it was coated upon delivery. This puts it beyond the expected service life of the previous coating.

It was first polished using polishangel Master Compound, which, when paired with either RUPES microfiber pads or the polishangel Lambswool ultra cut pad, left no noticeable haze. The reason I used this medium compound first was to ensure that all of the previous coating was removed.

Here is a phone picture to show the finish after Master Compound and the Lambswool pad, the reason I think it finished down so well is due to the harder, ceramiclear paint:

This section of the tailgate had some deeper scratches due to some critters climbing into the bed of the truck:

Which cleaned up quite nicely (photo is a little shaky):

How the Lambswool pads fit on the RUPES:

Seats cleaned with bellaclean:

For efficiency, I followed Invincible | Primer with the Color-Matched Cosmic panel by panel, keeping Primer 2 panels ahead and timing each panel individually for removal.
Each of the 2 following coats of Cosmic were applied by hand.

And, the after photos:

Orange peel is horrendous but the gloss is still there on top

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