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2014 Fiesta ST Ingot Silver - new car detail & protection.

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Here is a write-up from a new car detail & protection I performed on a Fiesta ST

The car was brought to me with just over 250 miles on it.
-I started by first foaming the car with Chemical Guy’s Citrus Wash. Followed by CarPro IronX Snow Soap. These help to safely brake down any residues on the surface from the manufacturing & shipping along with bringing the dirt away from the surface for reduced risk while cleaning

-After foaming the tires & fender wells were cleaned with Meguiar's Super Degreaser diluted 4:1 followed by POLISHANGEL® Mint+ Wheel Cleaner on the wheel faces & barrels.

-The rest of the vehicle was then washed with 3oz. of Meg’s Hyper Wash (in each bucket) and blown dried prior to decontamination.

-IronX Lemon Scent sprayed over the entire vehicle to remove embedded iron contaminants. While the vehicle may only have 250 miles, some iron contaminats were still present. The vehicle was then thoroughly rinsed and further decontaminated with the SM Arnold Speedy Surface Prep towel, much more efficient than clay.

The car was then rinsed again, towel dried with high-quality microfiber drying towels, and then blown dry. The final air drying with the Master Blaster is mainly to remove water from all the jambs, cracks seems, behind the door handles... etc. Then the car was wiped down with Spies Hecker 7010 Panel Wipe to leave a perfectly clean surface ready for polishing with POLISHANGEL® INVINCIBLE | 9H PRIMER

Here is the test spot with Primer. While I felt this silver was in decent condition from the dealership there was still some gloss & clarity to be extracted.

Reflection in silver after Primer before Cosmic application.

I found the dealership sticker hiding up here, not really sure how it got here but was removed.

Engine bay cleaned and plastics protected

Wheels removed to coat faces and barrels

POLISHANGEL® COSMIC | 9H coating applied

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Can you pass on price for that work? Or a ballpark? It really is amazing what a "pro" detailer can do to a car. I remember before selling my 03 Cobra I met a guy at a car meet. He was famous in SoCal for detailing Lambo's, Porsche's etc. He was a big Mustang guy too, so he gave me a deal. NO WAY could I afford what he charged the regular high end clients. I dropped the car off at his house and he did the entire clay bar/wax etc gig. Car was about 1 year old and parked at the beach before he touched it. I could not believe how the car looked when I picked it up! My neighbors even commented "do you even want to drive that on the street"?? The maroon paint just looked "wet" and shocked everyone. Paint was incredibly smooth to the touch as well.

While in pictures it looked great, they couldn't hold a candle to how it looked in person. I'm guessing the same applies here! Nice job!
You still doing this work? Do you have different pricing options/packages? Can you break them down? My car is stuck up in the NOVA area so I'm kind of close. Thinking of getting something done before I bring it back home. Not sure I need the full on works though as I may not be keeping it for too long. That 2.3 ecoboost 2015 Mustang is tugging at me. This is for a Race Red 1.0. Let me know.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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