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Hey Team FiST,

Just thought I'd share this little gem since it was totally a surprise to me when I got my 2018 yesterday.

Up until now, I believe all 2014 - 2017 Fiesta ST's did not have the rear view camera. But 2018 does!! I'm so happy for this feature, it just makes life easier when you want to pull right up into that tight spot (however don't do that, park way off in the distance if you can!!)

Why this information is impossible to find on Ford's website (as of June 16th 2018) is beyond me, but perhaps it was a last minute decision?

It was even on the sticker... so I had my fingers crossed.

Prior to this, I had asked the parts dept. for a price on a 2018 Fiesta Titanium rear view camera and it was only $115 (IIRC) for just the camera. So perhaps y'all with a 2014 - 2017 FiST can add a factory rear view camera option much easier now??
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