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3 year anniversary - overview

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I see the forum died completely. Oh well, I'm still gonna post it. Well it's been 3 years with my turd. And no I did not sell it. I still bought my dream car as a weekend but I was able to keep my FiST. Right now I'm sitting @ 69,900 miles. So far the car has been (knock on wood 3 times!) absolutely trouble- and worry-free! I'm still using Motorcraft Synthetic blend 5W-20 oil w/ Fl-910s filter @ a Ford dealer w/ oil changes every 4500-4800 miles - $40 oil change, I'll take it lol! In terms of maintenance, I rotated tires @ 44,780 miles (then dealer rotated them back @ 57,800 lol), took out and cleaned my BOV @ 58,420 miles (I did not have to do it since it was absolutely clean, and gold piston was still gold with no signs of scoring - put it back and not gonna worry about it for the life of the car), cleaned and re-oiled air filter @ 58,470 miles, installed new Stoptech slotted rear rotors w/ Centric Qusi ceramic pads @ 63,880 miles (I'm amazed original rear brakes lasted that long lol!), and installed new Motorcraft spark plugs @ 67,695 miles (bought them from Mountune, and they come pre-gapped so I just dropped them in - old ones were still in good shape so if you're stock and don't abuse your car often you can totally go 100,000 miles spark plug change interval per the manual). No particular plans for the future, will very likely stay stock as my weekend car needs some attention so most of my free money will be diverted to it. I did get a Mountune intake (w/o the elbow) since stock plastic airbox threads have been destroyed @ 2 back screws (fucking Ford) so next filter clean time I'll install it. I might get a Whoosh FMIC since traffic in SoCal is terrible and past summer I was able to feel tremendous heat soak on stock FMIC. Can't wait more fun times and canyon runs next year brings! Happy boosting y'all!
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Yeah, this forum is dead. I come here once in a long while just to see if anyone's posted. Not very much going on.

Good to hear your FiST is running strong.
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