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A/C Stopped Working, Any Ideas?

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Sorry, this is gonna be a long post if you read the whole backstory.

In short
: My A/C isn't working and I can't tell if it's the OBS2 adapter that caused it, or something is wrong with the car.

Backstory: So today my OBDLink MX came, and of course I wanted to try it out and get everything set up. I downloaded Torque Pro and started the car (ignition only, not the engine) - nothing happened with the readout, saying it wasn't connected to the car. I thought maybe the car need to be fully on to get a reading, so I went for a short test drive.

Now it takes a bit for the A/C to kick in from the hot weather, but after 5 minutes it was still blowing uncooled air. After I got home I took the adapter out, and followed the instructions for the app mentioned with the box for the adapter (OBDLink app). After I did things step by step - like I should've in the first place; the adapter worked just fine with both apps, but still no change in the A/C.

Checked for blown fuses but everything was fine, but the compressor doesn't kick on when I hit the AC button, there's also no puddle under the car like you would usually see. I heard somewhere that the AC in FiST's can go out because the evaporation sensor goes bad, but I'm not smart on the subject.. So does anyone have any ideas on what might've caused it..?

My thoughts: I feel like it wouldn't be the OBD2 adapter because it's simply a diagnostic tool, it can't change parameters of the car like the COBB tuner can for example. My car does have a history after it was wrecked back in May, so maybe it's residual damage? The car only has 10k on it so it's pretty young to have something internal go out on it...
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Welp, the A/C decided to start working again, but I took it to the dealer on Friday anyway since I had an appointment, but they weren't able to look at it since there wasn't an issue at hand. Case closed I suppose!
It's strange how the temp fluctuates sometimes.. haha but I don't think I could ever hit the max AC button, I can only tolerate having hurricane force winds in the cabin for so long xD

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That's exactly what was happening to me, but the compressor still wouldn't kick in if I restarted the car, it was really weird... even weirder is that the problem fixed itself somehow, like the computer was just confused for a little bit.

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