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"The Fiesta ST's electric steering is satisfyingly responsive, even a wee edgy with a surprising amount of tactile feedback from the front tires. The steering wheel is small and feels racy. The steel foot pedals are right where you want them for heel-and-toe footwork. Driving position is just excellent.

The donor car's front-strut, rear-beam suspension has been modified in the expected ways: Damping and spring rates are up, front and rear, with a smaller front antiroll bar putting a little more danciness in the Fiesta's hinder. The Fiesta ST has what you might call entertaining body roll, like an old Alfa. And when the tiny hampster blood boils at 5 grand in this car and she's got a front wheel off the ground, I defy you not to smile.

You can dive into a tight 35-mph curve, and when the front tires really start to complain, breathe off the gas gently, and the car will come around with a sweet, catchable trailing-throttle oversteer. When the little hood is pointing in the right direction, lay on the coal. The Fiesta ST claws away like a cat escaping a water pistol.
It is all about shelf life. How many times can you walk out to the same car in the morning without being overwhelmed with boredom? The Fiesta ST costs more, but it will keep owners smiling a lot longer. That makes it a bargain."
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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