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As some of you may have seen I totaled my FiST last Friday -

I purchased a WRX over the weekend, so the FiST is no more. I am selling my Accessport V3 (MSRP $500) + AccessTUNER Race (MSRP $150) for $525 together shipped to lower 48. They CAN NOT BE SEPARATED. I have confirmed this with several other members who have confirmed this with Cobb. When you purchase the AP from me I can send you the Ford AccessTUNER Race software exe via e-mail or in a PM link, but you won't be able to install it until you receive my Accessport as it has to be connected to complete the installation.

The purchase comes with everything in the picture (except the laptop) I'll keep looking for the packaging, but I think it's gone. You can see the software loaded up, and you can see the AccessPORT is uninstalled from my vehicle. There is an E40 map on the AP which I ran on my completely stock FiST (I made 203 WHP and 265 WTQ on the dynojet setting on ) I (obviously) take no responsibility for this map being functional on your car, it's an unlocked map that can be modified.

Paypal prefered for payment.

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