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Accuracy of Km/Miles till Empty readout?

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Pulled into the servo last night, LCD Display reading 49Km (30miles) till empty.
Been doing city traffic driving all week. Gauge was sitting off empty at the 1/8 mark

Now according to all official documents, the ST has a 48L fuel tank... And I managed to fit 47.5L before the pump went 'click'. Methinks I wouldn't be able to do that last 49Km on just half a Liter of motion-lotion.

Anyone else found the Distance to Empty figures... optimistic?
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The estimated distance usually starts out optimistic when I first fill the tank. Example: it says 490 km to empty when I fill up. But when I go to fill up next time with only 20km to E, I have only travelled 420km that trip adding up to 440km total (50km less than the original estimate). Who knows how far I could have actually gone.
I don't know how you could really tell how accurate it is though without driving until empty.

I will say, I have made it to a gas station at 2 km to empty on one occasion without any problems. According to my history, the MOST fuel I have ever put in during a fill up has been 41.68 Litres (And that just so happens to also be the trip that I arrived at the gas station with only 2 KM to empty showing on the display.) (The trip was a 432 km trip ) INTERESTINGLY when I filled up my tank before that trip the estimate when my tank was full was predicted to be 431 KM to empty. (Pretty close to my actual 432 km trip + 2 km to empty) By the time I was down to maybe 10 km to E and panicking in my search for gas, I probably travelled easily 3 times that by the time I was down to "2 km to E" just by coasting in neutral whenever possible, and very carefully selecting which gear to operate in. A mistake I will not be making again. I don't intend to find out if I could get away with any lower than 2km to empty, nor do I intend to let it get that low again. And for the record I was running at 2km to empty for a while, so I'm pretty sure I was about to tick 1km to E ! hehe

The issue with tracking this "to empty" distance is that it can change pretty drastically depending on what kind of traffic you find yourself in, idling Highway vs City, stop lights... etc. To me it's just an estimated guess based on your current consumption, but not able to factor in so many variables that impact the results.

To me it seems pretty accurate. And also accurate for keeping track of mileage/efficiency. I always compare the computers #'s to my manual calculations.

When I checked the Ford website spec's it listed the ST as having 47 L fuel capacity. Interesting that I have never been able to put in more than 42 L (Even when I was as low as 2 km to empty). 5 L cushion?
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