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Accuracy of Km/Miles till Empty readout?

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Pulled into the servo last night, LCD Display reading 49Km (30miles) till empty.
Been doing city traffic driving all week. Gauge was sitting off empty at the 1/8 mark

Now according to all official documents, the ST has a 48L fuel tank... And I managed to fit 47.5L before the pump went 'click'. Methinks I wouldn't be able to do that last 49Km on just half a Liter of motion-lotion.

Anyone else found the Distance to Empty figures... optimistic?
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I run mine pretty low quite often. I have found that mine seems to fairly conservative. For example, when it says 30 miles to empty, I can only put 10.5 gallons in. I have run it past 0 miles to empty several times. I was a bit nervous doing that, but I think the most I ever put in was 11.8 gallons.
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