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Advice on Best All Seasons?

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Hi all, with the winter months coming up, I've been looking into getting a good set of all seasons for the FiST. I'm still running on the stockers after a year and survived last winter, but the extra 10 months of tire wear has me a bit skeptical about things this winter. The options I'm looking at are the Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3's and the Kumho Ecsta 4X II's.

I had the first gen Ecsta 4X on my old Focus SVT, and they handled great and got me through a snowpocalypse in Toledo a couple years back, and the new gen seems to be more more refined in every aspect. But the Pilot Sports seem to be the bar right now.

I'd be on these tires for pretty much everything from daily driving to potential autocross events if I join next year, so performance is definitely a must (I can't afford a new set of wheels...) So if I can get some advice on which tire to go with, or even some other recommendations would be great!

Also, this is my first post... I'm brand new to the forums so my bad if I'm posting in the wrong place or in the wrong way! I probably should've replied to an older thread but I wasn't sure..
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I've got the Michelins, and although I like them, I would trade tire mileage for some more traction. I've got 42,000 miles on mine and it looks as if I'll be getting another ten out of them (all commuting). But pulling away from a stop on an up-hill off-camber road that I travel always results in wheel spin and side-slip. This car is all kinds of fun! Interestingly, the tires almost never squeal when breaking traction. If I wasn't so cheap, I'd put in a limited-slip. :)
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