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All Weather Floor Mats

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Hey all,

Just got my ST earlier this month. The snow made me quickly decide that I needed some all weather mats. I ordered the following part based on an eBay listing which showed mats with ST logos:

EE8Z 5413300-AA

According to the dealer these are listed simply as 2013 Fiesta mats. Not exactly confidence inspiring, but I ordered anyway.

I was thrilled when these showed up:

Hope it comes in handy in the event that it helps someone else who's needing all weather mats.


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That's what I wanted for Christmas and I had my mom order them through Tasca Parts. Of course they send the wrong damn mats, so I was very sad cause that's all I really wanted for Christmas. I sent them back and now I need to wait for them to refund the money so I can attempt to order them again.
That sucks. I hope they can manage to get them to you fairly quickly.

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Moses, thanks for posting. I ordered these the day after I saw your post. The look and fit are perfect! Can't believe I could every get excited about floor mats.

BTW, I could swear the interior is quieter. They are heavier, and provide some damping.
Agreed, it's sad times when you get jazzed about floor mats.

That said, I like them so much I will probably keep them in all year round. The ST logo looks great, and they seem nicer than the cheap felt ones that came with the car.

Not sure if it's quieter in the cabin, but you might be right that they provide a degree of sound dampening due to their weight.
I order and received mine in early Sept before I even had a car to put them in lol.
I bought mine soon after I got my car and I have been using them all winter. I am very happy with them. They really catch and hold all of the winter slush and muck. To clean them, I rinse them and wipe them on in the laundry room sink. They are well made and seem like they will last for many years.

Got mine for free from dealer...I made them throw them in before finalizing the deal lol. I wouldve asked for cargo liner also but I forgot :(

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Picked up factory ST floor mats and cargo liner Wednesday. I thought about Weathertech or Husky but these fit so well and look great so I chose them.
Word of warning on the ST cargo liner, it only fits correctly on the upper level of the rear storage shelf. If you lower the shelf you have to fold/distort the liner. Kind of disappointed with that part.
Yeah, I was too, but I'll probably just end buying a regular Fiesta liner as well, looks like it should fit under the tray.
I went the Weathertech route; the Fiesta floor liners they offer fit very well all around, front and back. Sturdy, can't possibly slide about, trap whatever falls down there, etc. Very, very pleased with them.
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