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Ambient lighting to reflect your driving

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Anyone else think this would be a cool feature?

For example you feel like driving aggressively the light would turn Red if you feel like driving ecofriendly the light will turn green on its own. I know it sounds like a corny feature but who would like it?
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I'd prefer a system where you could customize the color of the LEDs using a color wheel instead of cycling through presets.
I end up shutting mine off
This is how the dash accent lighting was on my Honda CRZ. Green when driving economically, blue when not at peak eco cruising, and red when you put it in "sport" mode. It was okay as a novelty feature, but I always left it in sport so the dash stayed red. Footwell and the rest of the accent lighting was always blue though.
The new Lexus models have the same feature. I found it a bit cheesy.
I've never been a fan of these sorts of things, especially having driven a Prius a few times, because almost all of them are engineered to guilt trip you into driving like an old lady.
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