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I just got home from another Tirerack track night in America event at Palmer Motorsport park. This time it was dry, but in the low 80's so I wasn't sure how long is be able to run hard without overheating. They let me run with all windows down so I cranked the heat and ran hard each session without over heating finally. I've got the mishimoto radiator and oil cooler waiting to install just haven't had a chance to get to it.

Not having to slow down every other lap really showed how the FiST can devastate much more powerful "sports cars"! I was running down M4's & M3's, porsche's, couple corvettes, mustangs, you name it and the FiST pretty much ate them up! Of course mine is full mountune stage 3 and was running an E20 tune today so it's not a stock FiST, but still... As for suspension I run the mountune springs with a TB performance 2 point front brace and rear torsion bar. OZ ultraleggerras with ADVAN A048R tires in a 215/40x17. Also Wilwood BBK up front and Ferodo DS2500 pads in rear and stainless lines all around. Without going crazy on setup and riding better than stock, this car just amazes me and lots of other people.

Had a serious "moment" though when a turbo'd BRZ went off the track right in front of me. Already sliding into the turn and maneuvering around bouncing/rolling tires was not what I wanted to do but the FiST maintained control even past the limit and got me through.


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