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I found a good deal on a 2016 ST. Anyone own a model from this year? Have you had any issues? I read that 2015 and earlier models had clutch problems, sometimes after only 15k miles. Thanks for any feedback!

I was going to buy a 2018, but it turns out the ones that will be offered in the states are no different from 2017s, and the engine will still be 4 cylinder, unlike European model; in addition, there won't be a panoramic sunroof option.
motor just blew at 89xxx miles has a stage 3 cobb kit and full 3in turbo back exhaust running 93 oct tune...motor spun a baring and took out the block water and oil mix on the under side of the motor and drive axle on passanger side right side for us lol...all happend under normal driving doing 40 mph or i think 60ish kph in 4th gear at like 2300 ish rpm ,,,dont know why, but got a warranty so its fixed for free, other than that the car is awsome last car was a mustang and a saturn sky think they were baged as opel over there my st kicks the mustangs ass any day of the week shit almost took out a hellcat but at 80 he puled away fiesta st's for what they are and for the pice cant beat it ,,,,and with killer gas milage well maybe before the cobb kit but i still get 25 to 35 mpg
1 - 1 of 6 Posts