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Any previous 2007+ RX-8 Owners here?

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First hand thoughts and comparison? Thanks.
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Depreciation has not been kind to the RX, they are a real steal right now and are cheap enough that they make a very reasonable weekend ride.
You nailed my considerations precisely. I do LOVE Fist. But with 55% residual (based on Ford's financial 36 months, 10500mi/year), it seems that RX-8 is quite a steal compared to FiST, even if the wenkel ends up needs rebuilding. FiST is not a "comparatively cheap" car to own. I love it but I can't seem to pull the trigger.
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That must be nice, my wife is very open minded and reasonable, but always has the veto hammer handy :oops:
Seriously, it's great to have choices like this! I wish I had your patience and discipline when it comes to cars. I spend/waste money on cars, but it's a passion I don't have to justify to ANYBODY. :)
It is called trying to stay married. I m not that patient. In the process of thinking getting a FiST, we have got two cars: we switched her daily driver and I got another muscle car.

Those two she was positive or at least positive-leaning.

But every time I bring up FiST I get hammered although I have got probably the best deal for FiST known to mankind. She keeps saying things like "the car looks too small for you," "it looks goofy,I don't like the front grill," lI dont like the colors (there were only white and black)," You can get it if you lose x lbs and can fit to the recaro seat,"

..... Ironically, we and her parents are Ford investors in the stock market and I love Ford muscle cars (well, I like all muscle cars but I know Fords the best).

Can't seem to get my squaw squared. Help? I m still trying to get a FiST and the current incentives are gonna end soon.
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Exactly. I've DD'ed mine for the past three years and its beginning to get to me. The constant gas station fillups and impending doom of losing compression (however i'm still within spec on my original motor) is getting to me. Not to mention I'm REALLY looking forward to real, usable torque inside the revband you normally see on the street. Even with BHR ignition, BHR catless midpipe, and a MazdaManiac tune, it just feels like so much effort to get up to speed from a stop and you yearn for some low-end grunt.

On track? All that goes out the window and it feels at home. The 8 is still a momentum car, however. If you can keep the speed up and the revs above 5k, it just screams.

But 99% of my life is spent on the street and I'm looking forward to the FiST ever so much. I'll have another 8 one day, no doubt.
What about getting a 2006+ just for track and carving the twisties? I don't understand the Renesis engine enough. Can one keep the car parked and just occasionally take it out for a spin? I mean will the rotors get flooded or something else from just parking the car?
Wivey asked me tonight if i'd rather get a used cayman or s new FIST. Answer woiuld have clearly been fist all the way if i could fit in the recaro.

I start reading her. She'd rather me buying a more expensive car that doesnt depreciate much anymore than a cheaper car that still depreciates much.
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You know, i like small cars but i now have to accept the fact that i m a big guy. I just crossed out elise and exige from my "someday" list. My upper arm rubs the door on s2000. My lower arm rubs on the door of viper gts i sat on today. So more and more out of my "someday" list. I actually fit in fist although i look big in it.

And i dont really care about brand. I have a mitsu and fords now,too. Had an air cooled and a watercooled 911before too so dont have to have one. I just love tbe chassis balance on cayman.
Life took an unexpected turn. It turned out that i really like FiST. Pulled a trigger and it's parked at home now. Thought wouldn't get a black, ended up with a black. Thought would go with a base car, went with a loaded car. Thought would go with dealer A or B or C, ended up with my neighborhood (same zip code!) dealer.

As a note, a side story, two weeks ago many dealers had plenty FiST. This week, it is rarer than a sober guy at an Ohio State tailgate party (Go Bucks!).

As another side story, one dealer let me go home with only $400 price difference, not even trying to counter my offer. Today they repeatedly called saying they were cutting the price. Too late, buddy.

Anyway, I am happy. I am a FiST owner now.

Too dark to take pictures tonight;).
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