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Any previous 2007+ RX-8 Owners here?

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First hand thoughts and comparison? Thanks.
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2004 GT owner here with 75k on my original motor. MazdaManiac tuned with BHR coils and BHR catless midpipe. Compression is within spec and I hit 9300RPM at WOT daily.

I am incredibly torn between keeping my 8, dropping in a Pettit Racing built Renesis and continuing to enjoy my RWD coupe for many more years or just straight up trading it in on a MUCH more economical but still (apparently) fun as hell FiST.

I've weighed gas mileage, tire prices (SO MUCH CHEAPER!!!) and enjoyment heavily and to be honest, if it wasn't for Matt Farah and Mike Musto giving glowing reviews, I wouldn't even bother considering it. Next up is a test drive.

I'm really going to miss RWD but what I keep mind is how much fun to drive this thing (again, apparently) is regardless.

I'm looking at a an Oxford White model with the Rado Gray wheels, Nav and the Recaro's.

I'm looking forward to a warranty again!
One thing is for certain, I will own another rotary powered sports car in the future. Preferably an FD ;)
I truly wish I could keep mine. Do a slow rebuild of the motor myself. If I was to keep it and not get a new car, I was going to drop in a Pettit Racing shortblock but at $6000, if I did that there wasn't going to be a FiST anytime soon. One or the other...

Anyway, I feel i'm making the right decision financially for the long run.
Exactly. I've DD'ed mine for the past three years and its beginning to get to me. The constant gas station fillups and impending doom of losing compression (however i'm still within spec on my original motor) is getting to me. Not to mention I'm REALLY looking forward to real, usable torque inside the revband you normally see on the street. Even with BHR ignition, BHR catless midpipe, and a MazdaManiac tune, it just feels like so much effort to get up to speed from a stop and you yearn for some low-end grunt.

On track? All that goes out the window and it feels at home. The 8 is still a momentum car, however. If you can keep the speed up and the revs above 5k, it just screams.

But 99% of my life is spent on the street and I'm looking forward to the FiST ever so much. I'll have another 8 one day, no doubt.
What about getting a 2006+ just for track and carving the twisties? I don't understand the Renesis engine enough. Can one keep the car parked and just occasionally take it out for a spin? I mean will the rotors get flooded or something else from just parking the car?
Because I need to sell the one I have to fund a FiST. I'm in no position right now to have two cars.

It's good to drive it every week or so but no, it won't flood from just sitting. Flooding of RX-8's has one real cause and that's the influx of fuel dumped into the rotor housings right after startup. If the car isn't warmed up before shutting off, too much fuel may have pooled into the chambers causing a flooding situation.
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