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Any previous 2007+ RX-8 Owners here?

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First hand thoughts and comparison? Thanks.
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First hand thoughts and comparison? Thanks.
Hey there -- this is a car that I seriously considered. I'll watch this thread for comments, but ultimately, I decided against it for reasons of reliability, poor fuel economy, and poor power. I know this car is very fast on the track, and everyone raves about its handling. Have you been in one recently? For me, it felt surprisingly dated.
In that case, the RX is faster, handles better, and I prefer the driving position and seats. Rear-wheel drive is the best-wheel drive.

The FiST is hugely more practical, with much lower running costs (I hate paying for 18" tires) and much more cargo area. It's a toss-up which is a better daily driver as the RX is more comfortable, but is crazy thirsty and has pitiful torque.

One thing that always bugged me about the RX8 was that driving it up into the mountains was always disappointing. As soon as you started to gain any altitude, the engine lost a lot of power. It felt like it was down by 40-50hp. I don't expect the FiST will have that problem :cool:
You just nailed it. Your reference to power is how I meant that it was lacking (and why I love turbo power!). If Mazda made a modern-day RX7, I'd be all over it. I have blitz-passed RX-8s in the local mountains.

My car isn't a DD, yet I picked it for the much lower running costs as a track day and weekend warrior car. Also, my car already accelerates faster than a stock RX8. When I'm done, it will be a lot faster.

The driving position in the RX8 is tops, it shifts great, but the engine ends the party early. Sometimes I still think about how one as a dedicated race car might be. As a weekend car, sure -- but all of my friends that have tried one as a DD have given up and sold them. I don't know anyone with one now.

At Big Willow, an RX8 on track tires is much faster than the FiST! It does it with incredible preservation of momentum and superb handling, not power. I hope to modify mine to make it a lot faster, but we're talking about several seconds in stock form. I suppose I like the "wrong wheel drive" challenge. This car has single-handedly changed my view on what FWD cars can do.
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The RX-8 is a fantastic car. Mazda really understands chassis, and steering, and transmission, and the harmony between them.

And I know the Wankel burns oil and seals and has no low end torque, but it's just a unique motor, and I feel like the automotive world is a little less cool now without it.

That's a very nice epitaph. Like a fine artist that is only truly appreciated after his untimely death...

You see, it's effectively dead. You can snap one up, and you'll have plenty of aftermarket support for a long time. This is the best "almost car" I never had. I can't believe how many times I've considered it and cross-shopped it. At around 30 cars, the answer is at least several times!

It really is the little stuff. As enthusiasts we simply muse that it "sips oil", "the fuel efficiency isn't all that great...", and "sure it lacks low-end torque and big HP, but man that 9K RPM redline is amazing...". In reality it's all that "little stuff" that keeps us from being happy with it. As an only car? No way.

Yet, somehow, I still think I'll have an eye on one in the future. So it goes...
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You nailed my considerations precisely. I do LOVE Fist. But with 55% residual (based on Ford's financial 36 months, 10500mi/year), it seems that RX-8 is quite a steal compared to FiST, even if the wenkel ends up needs rebuilding. FiST is not a "comparatively cheap" car to own. I love it but I can't seem to pull the trigger.
It sounds like you have your answer! I'd love to see your RX-8. Maybe you can bring it to one of our track days. :)

Seriously, it's great to have choices like this! I wish I had your patience and discipline when it comes to cars. I spend/waste money on cars, but it's a passion I don't have to justify to ANYBODY. :)
I'll try, I got mine through with surprisingly little effort. Here is where I was at;
First I already had a 2011 Fiesta and it had proven to be a good fit for our family. One child, small dog, wife, myself.
I had previously sold my fun car, a 1991 Audi TQ 20v to get a reliable commuter, without any encouragement.
We are fans of Top Gear and they just happened to have a glowing review of the car.
After the test drive I was able to approximate the car to what I was driving back in the early 90s when we met, my 1990 Corrado G60.
The 2011 was due for a tire purchase.
Last the cost was so low for the performance and I was able to get the monthly payment about $20 lower than what I was paying on my 2011 at the time.

Good luck, things seemed to have aligned for me to get into this great car.
I like the practical angle. Of course, how practical is a car that just waits for the occasional weekend and track day? That's my deal, maybe not his. I'd be surprised if it is not daily driven. I already had my T-REG TDI as a commuter but would not have bought it if I knew about the FiST before it. So it goes...

@fly2low: I like the business angle -- you're a Ford investor (so maybe calm down on the extreme haggling!). :) Also, that's a fine muscle car you have there! I don't think you have much to complain about -- you apparently know how to get your way often enough. If you really want a FiST you'll get one. Also, just promise to lose the weight -- a win/win. ;)
Wivey asked me tonight if i'd rather get a used cayman or s new FIST. Answer woiuld have clearly been fist all the way if i could fit in the recaro.

I start reading her. She'd rather me buying a more expensive car that doesnt depreciate much anymore than a cheaper car that still depreciates much.
They're quite different, right? Running costs could be quite high on a Cayman, but you already know that. If the badge makes you feel better, there's no price on that (plus it's already evident that stuff matters to your wife). Don't discount that for long term harmony!

My counterpoint: Having owned a number of expensive Euro-cars, I rather enjoy flying under the radar again. I feel the same way about my VW T-REG TDI but wouldn't if it were instead, the mechanically identical, Porsche Cayenne Diesel (I literally park next to one every day!).

Total investment cost will be lower on a FiST, no two ways about it. If it helps you feel better that you lose less (by percentage) on an inevitable sale, in some indeterminate time in the future, that's another thing. :)
Life took an unexpected turn. It turned out that i really like FiST. Pulled a trigger and it's parked at home now. Thought wouldn't get a black, ended up with a black. Thought would go with a base car, went with a loaded car. Thought would go with dealer A or B or C, ended up with my neighborhood (same zip code!) dealer.

As a note, a side story, two weeks ago many dealers had plenty FiST. This week, it is rarer than a sober guy at an Ohio State tailgate party (Go Bucks!).

As another side story, one dealer let me go home with only $400 price difference, not even trying to counter my offer. Today they repeatedly called saying they were cutting the price. Too late, buddy.

Anyway, I am happy. I am a FiST owner now.

Too dark to take pictures tonight;).
Hey! About time! I've purchased two cars in the time you've taken here. ;)

Seriously, welcome! We all appreciate how thorough your decision process was. Bring your car to Willow Springs (HTM) with us on Saturday! :)
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