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Anyone attend a Rally America Event?

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I am thinking of trekking up to NH for the Mount Washington Rally Weekend in June. The only rally stage I have ever watched was the one at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. But I thought it was great. Now that my kids are a bit older I want to drag them to a couple motorsports events this year....was thinking the Rally at Mount Washington in June, the Historics at Limerock in August/September and maybe the GP at Austin....question about the rally, can you get out and spectate similar to the way they do in Europe? Or are there liability issues that the Nannies in charge around here need to protect us from?
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In my experience, the best way to watch auto racing is to find a difficult corner that is driven at low to medium speed with a good vantage point. Figuring out where that is is all you need to do.
Do you know if there is good course access at the Rally America Events?
Thanks, checked it out...very helpful.
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