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Anyone got a light bar?

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Anyone done this to their FiST?
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My Bestfriend and I mounted an LED bar on the top of his Subaru Impreza. We used the roof rack as the mounting point to not have to drill any holes. We also had the wire travel through an existing hole that held the roof rack in place. With some silicone added there are no water leaks. The roof rack greatly improves your peripheral vision as being high up it spreads out more. He loves it, I personally feel it is a great compliment to some bumper mounted spot lights so not only will you be able to see wider but also farther. As far as mounting the lights on our roof you would either need to drill a hole for the wires or have it go through the door (which looks kinda funny to me). The door idea is a great temporary idea as we did that at first to decided if we liked the look and light output.
Not a light bar but I added 2 6" HID Driving lights inside my grill. Max ^^ and I met up one night and both light outputs are impressive. We did conclude the Max has slightly better lighting with his set up above ^^^.

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It was from a modified bumper beam. There are brackets in the back of the bumper welded on that I used for mounting the lights. This is the best picture I currently have with the bumper off.

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