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Anyone here own a Focus ST?

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Just curious. :)
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I was weak and just bargained for one. Going to the dealership on Saturday to finalize.

The deals on these 2013s were too good to pass up. I'll just have to cope with the fugly front end, I suppose.
...yeah. I got $26k OTD (basically $23.4k before taxes, etc.) for a 2013 ST3 with sunroof. That's a lot of car for the money.
I could probably find one at that price, which is absurd, but I'd probably hate myself for it.
The jury's still out for me, but I'll report back. I expect it'll be a nice car either way. :)
We'll see if they'll honor their side of the agreement on Saturday. If so...yeah, I'm pretty happy.
I just think the focus st is ugly..... I almost bought it till I saw the Fiesta ST. The focus looks like a station wagon lol but it does have better options at that price obv
I'm with you on the ugly Focus thing.

Although weirdly I think the ACTUAL Focus ST wagon looks good.
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I find either ST attractive. And that's a screaming deal. Did it go through?
No, but only because I test drove the Fiesta and realized I preferred the look and feel. They were able to get me the same OTD price on a loaded Molten Orange FiST, and I've been very happy.
Sorry guys, just ordered a 14 Focus ST. See you guys for now maybe.
It's a nice car, despite my complaints about the interior. Drives beautifully.

What changed your mind?
I really would've preferred the smaller Fiesta, for familiarity sake size wise.

On the other hand, the Focus is more logical for me right now as I will be moving across Canada in the car (need the boot space) and will be doing lots of road trips.

On a side note. I've joined a focus ST forum and I must say, the crowd won't be drawing me back. Seems like there are more boy racers driving that car while the fiesta attracts more enthusiasts.
If you're talking about, I agree. Those guys are...not my folks.
^ haha yeah...

I think that's the thing, it's not trying as hard. But, alas, I 'm buying the focus for its cargo space, not for bhp [/shifty eye]
Went to test drive a red focus ST after work today. Where to begin...

The car is pretty good, but the feeling of driving a mechanical thing is very much removed. I can't feel how the engine is reacting to the gearbox to the wheels to the road through my hands and my butt. I can't feel how fast I was going by feeling the vibrations of the shift knob. The brakes felt like I was playing gran turismo on play station, really hard to feel how much braking you are actually pumping down to the calipers. The thick pillars, oh god, it was like shooting one eye out and putting wasabi in the other, more blind spots than see spots. I am used to driving a car with zero blind spots without turning your head.

But man... it is such an awesome car. when I was 10, I discovered the internet (and myself). this is a discovery as great; total revelation of my view towards modern cars. they aren't boring anymore! It is just as much fun as the mini but without it constantly shouting everything it is doing at me. cup holders! gloveboxes! a frikin computer you poke at! it was like having a robot butler drive you around while it hugs you gently with the skin of a beautiful dead cow. It was telling me my passenger door was "ajar", the car speaks more eloquently than I do.... I just need to figure out how to program it to refer to me as Master Marco.

No pictures though... my mini was embarrassingly dirty

P.S. Oh I almost forgot, it was pretty fast too, but ya know, I'm about the cargo capacity.
I totally agree re: the feeling of driving a mechanical thing. It ain't no first gen Miata.
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