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Anything you miss from your old Fiesta that isn't in the ST?

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Anyone coming from a '11 and up Fiesta missing anything they had in their old car that was somehow removed from the '14 year ST?
I won't miss the lack of functionality from the '11 steering wheel controls. Those can't be worse.
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I don't have a old one but I bet we hear arm rest and self dimming mirror ;) :whistling:
I get what you all are saying. Just figured if it annoyed you enough it would be a simple workaround

I also own an s2000, talk about pointless keyless start. (turn key, press start)
oh my that is dumber than my 2011 Mustang GT where you turn the key and it turns the engine over till it starts... regardless if it starts or not let go of key and engine keeps cranking till it fires... never had a issue but I could see this killing the battery or overheating the starter motor.. I just leave my FOB in the lunch pail I take to work so I never noticed the beep beep
A lot of new cars are like that. The timeout should be set that it isn't so long that it'd hurt anything if it won't start. I've seen them get screwed up before and continue to attempt to crank after the engine is already running all the way up until timeout. What an awesome 'feature'.
Ya that was always my fear hearing the starter gear eating the flywheel teeth .... lol
Ford might not like you doing that to their car :p
FM Agents turned in their cars these last few days/weeks
1 - 4 of 65 Posts
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