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$450 with their tunes, two so far offering it, Mountune and FSwerks, any others going to do this?

Who is going to do a larger turbo and have a tune for it and what is the cost or will it be free?

I know no tune will be exact but a close one will help make it easier to fine tune it, I have a good data logging AF gauge to use.

My mods:
Ported manifold
3" DP and exhaust, full 3" with no reduction in size at the DP to exhaust flange, 5" 100 cell metal core cat.
Larger IC, DIY, 24x7.25x3" core with smoothed welded ends to match to the stock hoses
2" outlet from turbo pipe

Planned mods:
ATP or BG turbo, looking for a wide powerband, no or very little lag, 275 WHP or a bit long as not laggy....

Not power adders directly but help make it work on a road course:
Oil cooler in the works to control temps better
Open up grill, radiator support, etc...for more airflow to stock radiator, bigger radiator if needed

Not planned: W/M injection

Who will have the best pro tunes on todays deals?


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Yes, it was a great deal as get the optimizing tune with so in reality it was a 25% off sale:)

I will need it most certainly.

-Ported manifold
-True 3" DP and exhaust, not necked down to 2.5", fewer bends than any exhaust sold, each section ported
-5" diameter, 100 cell cat
-Custom intake with sealed air box(I wills build that next)
-2" turbo outlet pipe to stock rubber hose to IC with ported inlet to pipe
-24x7.25x3" IC with custom welded and ported inlet and outlet
-Ported inlet on pipe to intake
-Symposer delete(not likely to matter on a tune but listing it just the same)
-Considering porting the throttle body next.

All in getting ready for a bigger turbo, big enough for the power I want, 275-300 WHP but with the least lag, zero is the goal, doing all I can to make it happen. I really only need around 250WHP but want a turbo that will make more so I can make the power I need with less boost, less heat.
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