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Apple CarPlay Upgrade

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There has been a lot of talk on the Focus and F150 forums of getting Apple CarPlay for their vehicles. Now, however, Ford has released the official Sync 3 2.2 update (for free via wireless update). I have confirmed that we can upgrade to Apple CarPlay. For assured understanding, I have a 2016 FiST running the genuine Sync 3 2.2 update.

You will need a hardware upgrade part: the USB hub. It is the same part used for the F150.
The part number is HC3Z-19A387-B which you can get from most dealers for about $64.

Be advised, the dealership's service team might inform you that you have to also do a software upgrade - an upgrade that "only they can do" which will cost you an additional $180. However, I simply bought the part, replaced the old USB hub in the console (Use a screwdriver to pop it out and then unhook the cable plugs), and it worked just fine. No programming necessary.

I am now able to run Apple CarPlay no problem! I am very pleased with it. The response is significantly faster when changing songs (no more Sync 3 overhead). What is also nice is that every time I plug in my iPhone 6 via USB it will always launch CarPlay. Very much worth the $64 and only took about 10 minutes to install with just a fine screwdriver.
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