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Are you leasing or buying your new Fiesta ST?

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    Votes: 1 5.9%
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    Votes: 16 94.1%

Are you leasing or buying your new Fiesta ST?

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Please vote in this poll. Feel free to put any comments below. For example the length of your lease or loan. This is of course optional. I just thought it would be interesting to see what trends, if any, show up.
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Buying with cash. Driving my Focus for 12 years, I continued to make the monthly payment into savings after the loan was paid off. I never missed the money, and now my fantasy of just walking into the dealer and writing a check is soon to be realized.

I tend to put only about 8K miles a year on the "daily" driver because I usually bicycle to work. Keeps the miles off the cars, and when I do drive, it's more of a pleasure thing (i.e. NOT driving to work!). So the new ST, whenever it gets here, will live in my garage for a long long long time.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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