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ARP Wheel Studs

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I have seen various older posts about switching out to ARP studs. Most focus on ARP's late model F body studs. I did not want to put that large a knurl (.509) in the Fiesta hub holes.

ARP makes a bullet nosed stud Kit #: 100-7719 which is for early model Miatas. The knurl is .507 and they are about an inch longer than our stock. I pulled in four today. I used a 1/2" drive socket as a spacer and Maxima chain wax as a lube on everything. Before I started I made sure the new splines matched up with the previously swaged ones in the hub (38 splines same as Ford). They went in nice & smooth. When they seated, a very small amount of gold metal flakes came out of the wheel side of the hub along with a dab of chain lube.

So far, so good. I went slow. I numbered and measured the length of each stud before and after pull in. No change that I could see but the studs do vary in length about .005 from the get go.

I think these will be Ok down the road. Ford owned a big chunk of Mazda back then so it does not surprise me that these are dimensionally so close to the stock studs. The biggest downside so far is that they are almost twice what ARP wants for the GM studs and you get one less in the kit.

I'll probably do one corner a Saturday. I'll post on that later along with what brought on this fit of stud replacement.
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