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I bought this with intentions of adding in a cat but I bought a really big high flow cat and simply cannot install it into the DP. Instead of ordering a smaller cat I decided to build a complete catted DP from scratch which is not difficult for me as I have built SS tubular manifolds, DPs, complete exhausts, etc......

This is a very well build and great flowing DP, if not for going catted with a bit cat I would of kept it for certain. I need to hold onto it over the weekend as have parts from ATP due in tomorrow and want to use the ATP to make it easier to match up the new DP layout, once done I can ship it off, most likely on Monday.

$279 shipped in the 48 states, can ship elsewhere for the addtional cost inccured.

ON HOLD until tonight, 10PM, Mountain time, after that fair game.

No pics, look at their site and on here, looks the same, is the same.....check my references by searching for RAAMmat or RAAMaudio, $$$$$$$ in parts, $$$$$$$$$$$$$ in business around the world over the last 15+ years.

Good day

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