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ATP downpipe to stock CBE sound clip

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Hi guys sorry I haven't been active on the forums.
I have a tuxedo black fiesta st

Cobb access port 93 v102
Eibach sport springs
ATP downpipe
White Cobb shit nob
Cobb RMM

Just installed the downpipe and it was a pain in the ass to get the heat shields off. I also have very littler experience working on cars but was able to change the downpipe with the help of a few friends. Broke the camshaft actuator when pulling out the cold side air intake (code P0013). Thank god it's only a $35 fix.

Let me know what your think of the sound!

ATP downpipe to stock CBE

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Thanks for the clip! I still have to get my 2j race pipe installed too. Gonna go with the stock exhaust also, at least for now. How do I like yours? Sounds good. Can you do a drive by clip also?

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Any way you can post some sound clips of your 2j downpipe with stock exhaust? Looking to do that myself and it would be really helpful! I don't want something really loud but I wanna hear the turbo more!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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