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ATP Turbo Upgrade Testing 13.6 1/4 mile ET 103 mph

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Those runs were with 230 WHP (stock is 175 WHP) on a basic tune still with the stock exhaust system. More supporting mods coming to make it over 250 WHP to see if it will run 12's!
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I don't get it, almost everyone else says the stock intercooler is pretty good for what it is. But ATP says they quickly ran into problems with the factory unit.

Either someone is selling lemonade or people before them lied.

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I read someone post yesterday where they said what happens at higher boost levels is that you need better flow, not better cooling. The stock intercooler does a great job but flows like crap, flowing like crap means the air stays in longer which means it cools more, but you'll be restricted by flow not necessarily temperature at higher boost levels.

Also every aftermarket tuner has released an intercooler for their packages, Mountune, Cobb (soon), FSwerks, puma speed, etc. While we can be cynical and say they are just doing it to make money, I have faith that these tuners know what they're doing and are giving us parts that will help performance.
It looks like ATP has kept tuning their car.

They have two new YouTube videos, the GT turbo running a 13.1 and beating a bunch of Hondas and a GTX turbo running 12.9 @106.
Here's the link to the video where they're running 12.9
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