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ATP Turbo Upgrade Testing 13.6 1/4 mile ET 103 mph

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Fiesta St2014
Those runs were with 230 WHP (stock is 175 WHP) on a basic tune still with the stock exhaust system. More supporting mods coming to make it over 250 WHP to see if it will run 12's!
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I have a barely used GT3076R hanging on an equal lenght SS manifold I built, cannot use it either:(
Just make sure to consider how much air is being forced into an engine, it is the same as an effective increase in displacement;)
I like the looks of the dyno chart for the GT25 as it has a nice linear power curve which means very drivable and 300 HP in these cars will be fast, especially if the whole car is sorted out in balance and then remove a bit of weight....

Moving to the next level up in turbo size may yield more peak power but if you give up bottom end you are giving up power where you need it the most for day to day driving which often times leads to a slower car in many situations where instant power may save your bacon. Having somebody about to run up your arse, t-bone you, etc, I would rather jump out of the way instead of sitting waiting for a turbo to spool up.

Since teh stock turbo does not increase HP much with mods but torque goes up considerably, there is still an increase in displacement over the same size NA engine and then some to gain so it is still effectively larger than 1.6, maybe a 2.8 or so, I will let others do the math if they so choose:)
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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