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ATP Turbo Upgrade Testing 13.6 1/4 mile ET 103 mph

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Those runs were with 230 WHP (stock is 175 WHP) on a basic tune still with the stock exhaust system. More supporting mods coming to make it over 250 WHP to see if it will run 12's!
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After seeing this, hearing that they have a catless downpipe and they are local to me, I drove to Hayward and bought a downpipe from ATP.

The price was good, the welds are TIG, it was available immediately.

Here are some pics:

Fender Auto part Pipe Muffler
Auto part Metal Cylinder

Light Metal
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That wasn't on their web site when I looked and their store front is more of an empty lobby.

They didn't tell me they had an intercooler when I was there.

I'm probably going to hold out for the Cobb stage 2 with all the plumbing and intake.
I don't know for sure but it looks like the rubber intake hose, the cold side turbo piping and the downpipe are the restrictions.

You probably don't see the effect of them individually until you fix all three.
It looks like ATP has kept tuning their car.

They have two new YouTube videos, the GT turbo running a 13.1 and beating a bunch of Hondas and a GTX turbo running 12.9 @106.

I think the turbos used are GT25 something and GTX2860 or something.

They have a new set of race wheels on the front and it sounds like a launch control in the Cobb tune.

I bet they haven't found all the speed in either combo so the smaller GT turbo upgrade is probably good for high 12s and the GTX is probably good for mid-low 12s, maybe even 11s.

That kind of speed is going to surprise a lot of people.

One time a 458 thought I was trying to race him (I wasn't), he floors it and as I thought "this should be interesting", I floored it too. He walked me but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting and I didn't even shift out of 6'th gear. If I down shift and have enough power to run 13 flat, a 458 would just barely walk away and trust me, when a Ferrari driver can barely walk a Fiesta, they are going to be pissed.
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Any air-air intercooler is a compromise, some are just better than others.

Ford gave us a nice big space but the core is physically long so the path is restrictive and the core is not the absolute most efficient out there.

The improved cores are thicker for less restriction but its like breathing through 15 coffee stirrers instead of 10. The cores are more efficient also.

I was just looking for EcoBoost 1.5 intercooler pics. That one is an air-water intercooler which exploits the greater specific heat of water to make a smaller core with less restriction that can suck out more heat than air-air. Of course they need a separate water-air intercooler with a pump to circulate water but you can go big on that without adding any intake restriction.

An interesting solution is the intercooler from Levels. Its wide but they shortened it. That's good for reducing restriction but you have to make sure you have enough core which might not be true at higher power.
I'll agree but its a minor contributor.

When stuff like a Squire STS pretty much works as goofy as it seems, you realize that a thicker intercooler core or an extra foot of cold side plumbing are not going to have a meaningful effect on lag.

The ATP or Cobb plumbing will spool pretty much like stock if you keep the stock turbo.
In the Mustang GT500 and supercharged Cobras, cold air intakes and large throttle bodies make power, especially when the supercharger is upgraded.

While a positive displacement blower and a turbo are not the same, I think its probably not correct to say intake restriction doesn't matter on our engine.

I think that idea keeps getting passed around because its easier to crank up the boost than make a free flowing intake.
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