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ATP Turbo Upgrade Testing 13.6 1/4 mile ET 103 mph

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Those runs were with 230 WHP (stock is 175 WHP) on a basic tune still with the stock exhaust system. More supporting mods coming to make it over 250 WHP to see if it will run 12's!
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Kinda puts the intake purchase to rest for me. Just got an email response from ATP as i wondered what intake they were using if any and hitting +300hp.

They said they are using the OE air box w/ just a drop in filter.

Pretty much proves the efficiency of the stock system. So HP wise, we are pretty good sticking w/ the stock box or the mountune design. Ofcourse they dont provide whooooooosh noises but definately do the job well.
Yup, that sure isnt the stock box!

This is the exact quote, " within current test and development phase we utilized the stock intake system and a performance filter. To date all performance modification dyno pulls, track results and road tests utilize stock intake system and performance filter. In the event we experience possible restrictive systems, we will test alternatives. So far no issues"

But, in reality sticking an open filter down by the road like that *probably* doesnt pull much if any more air than the mountune box with its two air inlets.

The surface area of the oe filter size is already about 7x that of even the mountune highflow intake tube. So, there is lots of air coming in.... Getting it through the test of the system at high enough velocity seems to be the issue to make HP
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I think some of it is also our small engine displacement doesnt necessarily move or need massive volumes of air (relative to turbo size).

1.6l is pretty damn small. Especially compared to a 5.0L mustang engine (for those that cant visualize it.... Our engine is only 3/4 of a single 2L soda bottle vs a mustang which equals 2 1/2 two liter bottles)
Correct. But, thats a direct corellation to our turbo size. Which when stock is small. Bigger turbos will need more air. But, ATP has illustrated that we are good atleast to 300hp with the next size turbo. Beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see :)
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