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Audison Bit 10, NIB, huge audio upgrade for a great price!

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Since we are stuck with an integrated factory system the single best way to make a huge difference is adding a sub but to get truely great sound quality you need to correct the factory tuning and it takes something like this for an easier solution than other processors.

It flattens the factory tune automatically and then gives you a 2.5 option, bi amped tweeters and mids(optimal) or front and rear speakers(less but still good) and sub control, Full EQ, crossovers, phase, time alignment, etc....

This is not really for the newbie, very serious system to setup but on of the easier ones on the market and very high end build quality.

I have several processors and decided to use a different one that will take more work to tune, etc....but not a problem as have been an audio competitor, judge, etc....done it many times. The one I an going to use has more channels for those that wanted a full three way front stage and sub or bi amped front, rears and sub. etc...I only run a front stage and sub, less weight, the music is supposed to come from the front, etc...spent the savings on better gear for the front or other toys, etc.

Brand new in the box, $329 shipped, lowest price to be found anywhere

No pics for now, google it up, looks just like any brand new unit

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