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Hey, I have a 2011 Fiesta SES (For sale!) that has the power auto-dimming rear view mirror. I'd like to bring this along to my new ST. The mounts look the same, but I haven't taken apart the headliner in the ST yet to see if it has the wiring to make the mirror install easy.

Has anyone here installed a power mirror in their ST? If I dig around in there is it pre-wired?


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Thanks Dave! Is it a huge PITA? Is there a writeup somewhere that I haven't found?
It is not that bad.
First swap the mirrors.
I suggest that you have a local auto glass shop do this.
I used Safelite and they didn't charge me anything, you may not be so lucky.

Next remove the upper switch console and CUT out the wire and connector from your old car.
Last connect these wires into your ST.

Only three wires, Hot, Ground, and reverse switch.
Hot and Ground you can get from dome light.
Run reverse wire down the A-piller on the driver/side and under sill plate.
There you can connect to backup lights.

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