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So, these Bilsteins are now 50% discounted you say? :)

How much is that exactly? Is this from Ford directly?

If we don't get a group buy going over on the coilover thread, I'll probably pop for these. I've liked them in past applications well enough.

Like everyone else said, these stock shocks have too much rebound. It's plenty obvious. I'm hoping that my new track wheels and tires soften the blow a bit (225/45/16s). Between bigger sidewalls and lighter wheels, I'm hoping it makes a difference.

Koni shocks are my all-time favorite for ride quality. The adjustable TwinTube would be my pick. I actually liked these over my coilover setup for my A4 1.8t. Do they make this for our car yet?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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