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Bad winter to try to get by on summer tires...

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I've still been driving around on the stock tires here in Mich. It snowed last night and this morning I didn't have any issues. Then again I have never bought a pair of snow tires, so maybe I'm just used to the lack of grip?
I drove for about 15 feet in the snow on the stock tires (on my driveway), and I almost wasn't able to make it into my garage. My driveway has a very very slight incline, and I almost had to get my wife to push me to get into the garage. The stock tires are SCARY in the cold and snow IMO.
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Luckily I don't have to drive this when it snows...I can work from home whenever I need and I have a VW tiguan to get around winter a set of 15's with some skinny snow tires will be on the car for sure. 185 60s or something like that should do the trick
My snows are 15"s with 185/60 tires, but most people run 195.
hi, i see you have the 15 inch tires I have a question for you, Im buying 185/60/R15 88R XL tires today no wheels though im planning on buying steel black ones after i buy the tires, the guy Im buying them from online has the tires so Im just wondering if they would fit fine, ..will the brakes fit and will it catch on the wheel archers or anything, any info would be appreciated thank you
The tires I have are 185/60R15 Pirelli Winter Carving Edge and they fit fine. This size matches the stock tire almost exactly in terms of height.

As for the wheels, I have not heard anyone say that any 15" wheels have issues, but the brakes are a close fit on the front wheel. You can see pictures of Rodmoe's 15" wheels (I have the same 15" wheels he does, MSW Type 23) here:

Also worth noting that the 15" wheels from the normal Fiesta fit the ST
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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