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BC Coilover Group Buy with Joe @ 2J Racing

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Here's a place to talk about our proposed group buy with 2J Racing.

Several of us expressed interest in buying a set of coilovers, and it's time to see if we have seven or more members willing to commit.

I'm in for a "street setup". I'd like to preserve near-stock ride height, and I'm also interested in options for inverted body shocks and a remote reservoir setup. I don't know if this is even an option for our application, but I'd like to find out.

Assuming seven, what's our price for the standard build, each?

Who's in? :)
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Pics of the Fluid Res. relocate please ...
I suppose "relocate" is a fancy word ... makes it sound professional. I just used a couple of zip ties to attach it to the negative battery cable:
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Spangenb, how does it ride compared to stock? Do you like it? Huge noticeable difference?

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I was really skeptical that it could change dramatically, but Joe was right. With the shocks set on 6 all the way around the street ride is transformed. No more bouncy buckboard ride. Stiffer, yet so much smoother. The road I take to work did not fare well with the winter. Every crack and seam was heaved from frost. Made me feel like a bobble head in the FiST. Now the car glides over that road. It's amazing.

The 16" Dunlops are no harsher than the snow tires, but they do make more noise LOL.

I have to say, these coilovers are top notch quality. I had low expectations, but really they are beautifully made. I am a Koni snob, but really these are just as good in my mind ... and I am hard to impress when it comes to mechanical things.
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Well Shoot now you make me want to toss mine on and we are under one last(I can hope)Winter Storm Watch LOL
Thanks For the Review from a Koni Guy....
Glad to hear Joe had the setting right for street, Have you played with any higher settings ??
Sorry Rod I got it done yesterday at 5:30pm just in time to leave for a dinner date. I won't drive it extensively until it's aligned. Just by eyeball it is pretty severely toed in and over 2 degrees camber. Unfortunately, the new RokBlokz prevent me from doing my usual line-of-sight inspection too :-/
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Better yet, get some string, a digital level, a set of camber plates are a good tool for not much money but you can use a measuring tape with help or tape it on.....I only pay if I am in a bind for time and have always had to majorly tweak it later on to get it really dialed in. There are videos, etc on how to do this, if you can change the parts you changed and call it easy doing your own alignment and right will be a piece of cake:)

I agree Rick that most shops have no idea how to custom align a car. I have done string alignments before and agree they are just as accurate as the fancy machines. That being said, I have a good local guy that I trust. Good local shops are a dying breed, and while I could do this myself I would rather support this guy while saving myself some time :)
I have concerns there, but the powder coating and plating look very high quality. I might try to find a way to shroud the rear adjusters for winter and I plan to hit the whole assembly with fluid film undercoat a few times during the season. I hope that will work it's way into the threads on the body and prevent corrosion.
Hey I'm a noob to this forum. I have a 2014 ST if I were to lower my ride do you think it could still be my daily driver?
See my post #172. Do you want lower than that? The BC Coilovers will let you lower it a lot more (probably 1.5") at the expense of tire clearance. It rides excellent at this height. If the tires don't rub on an autocross course I may go a little lower just for fun.
I went with -1.5° camber and 1/8" total toe out. My understanding is that the rear alignment can only be adjusted with shims and that those may screw with the ABS sensors. So far the car drives awesome. No chance to push it hard yet or try the stiffer shock settings. The Dunlops are loud but not annoying. We will see how they sound as they wear.
It might, but a little toe out helps on the autocross course.
I also thought toe in helped more for turn in and toe out for straight line.

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I think that's reversed. Toe in helps with straight line stability. Toe out helps turn-in but can make the front end "nervous" at speed in a straight line especially over one-wheel bumps.
Yeah Ackerman Steering is one of the hardest concepts to understand. It has to do with the fact that in a turn the inside wheel has to follow a tighter radius than the outside tire ... due to the track width and wheelbase of the car, each front tire traces a different size circle in a turn. The tighter the turn, the greater the steering angle difference needs to be between the front wheels to keep each one rolling along the path and not scrubbing. With respect to toe out, it gives you a little head start on Ackerman and I believe most street cars are quite deficient when it comes to proper Ackerman. It's a function of the suspension/steering geometry and can't really be adjusted ... without building custom knuckles. As for maintaining camber in a turn, that's where caster helps. The FiST has pretty good caster to help with that. Reducing body roll and pitch will help you keep the static camber and caster you have set.
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