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Suspension part Suspension Auto part Shock absorber

Custom valving and spring rates by 2J racing. This was my favorite mod to the car! They absolutely transformed the handling and ride.
I sold the car last week and I need to sell.
$650 obo you pay shipping from Oregon

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I'm curious, do the front struts have the same extension length as OEM?
The reason I ask is I am using Koni Yellow Sports and in rallyx I put a spring rubber in the OEM springs to stiffen them up.
I have been looking for coil-over struts with stiffer springs so I can switch them out betwx solo and rallyx but can find nothing good.

I would like to be able to raise the car 1", but if not, just keep it at current height and have the stiffer springs and better damping. not interested in lowering.

Any feedback?
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