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BC Coilovers - Install

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We are waiting on our custom set of BCs to arrive. I bumped up the rates and valving to 6K Fr and 4K Rr. I was thinking about 5K rears but we'll try this first. BC standard rates are 5K/3K. A bit light in the rear.
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Dang that color looks like a lima bean under those lights !! LOL linky to said sale ?
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When will you update the website and add the parts ?? Or I'll just PM you my silly questions
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These will come with full instructions and your shock rebound and such setting guide plus your shop number to allow up to pick your brain ?? lol
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Awesome! Also gonna need camber kits...whats recommended for our car?

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As Stated above Post #4
The BCs are slotted in the front so you can get up to -2.8 deg of camber, right out of the box. Camber plates are not provided since no clearance exists on the strut mount by the firewall
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Its 30way adj, front and rear. Ride height adjustable without changing spring preload and camber adjustable via spindle. Rodney's kit shipped today
SWEET now send up some warm temps too so we can install and road test this bad boy setup ...
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Ya ill be doing the install but will need to take it someplace to get the alignment set.. Not sure when ill be doing it as i am not a big fan of working in the cold wet winter garage LOL
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What kind of wheels are those? They look awesome on the car!!
Team Dynamics Pro Race 3
Hit this guy up :)

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Glad to help though I think in a different thread Joe went on to note the weight is only a little less than stock 17 inch wheels here post #9 but they doo look good...
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IF I recall the Top is slotted let me go look quick
Yes top hole on the front struts are slotted for adjustment ..
IF by 4 you mean 4 total on the car yes but it is two per side on the bolts that attach to the knuckle on the front hub area
I'll have to look when I get home in the morning I did not think these came with a camber plate adjustment only room for the 3 mounting bolts on the tops ..
So Happy for you Stunty :) now I can put mine on LOL
What did the Set the Front end up to ?? Camber and Toe ??
So Joe would you say go FULL hard for the AutoX stuff and track days ? that one adjuster on drivers side front is a hoot to get to if you have meaty hands :) lol
I run on 22 front, 25 rear at the track. I havent had the need to go full stiff
So many way this could go sideways LOL but will keep it on track and make a note of the settings ..
Also do you have a easy way to get to the drivers side Front knob for adjustments ??
(from the Old Farts thread)
I moved this to a more correct thread.

I did not even know there were two types of rear springs.
Mine are the barrel type.
What is the difference?

I have the straight coils for the rear instead of the barrel which makes mine rub the adjuster if it is installed on the bottom instead of the top we (those that got the straight coils) suppose to be getting the barrel type springs from BC it was a shipping mix up in coil design only spring rates are still the same and if the adjuster is installed on the top of the spring I got it with no chirping or squeaking.. glad it is sorted out now ..
The barrel design has the coils out further away from the adjuster in like two turns where as the straight desig keeps the coils all at the same diameter hence the adjuster rub . Give Joe a holler and make sure he is on this .. I will be touching base with him this week also.

Joes BC set up big rear coils

Above Joe's barrel rear Coils

See how straight my rear coil is no barrel look at all...
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Hm interesting I have the barrel style rear springs and they just squeak constantly.

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Adjuster top or bottom of coil ? I had to move my to top to stop the noise.
And is the 5mm preload set on the rears ?
NO problem I also left the Ford factory foam on the top perch to quiet it I did have to trim it to fit but very quiet so far
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