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BC Coilovers - Install

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We are waiting on our custom set of BCs to arrive. I bumped up the rates and valving to 6K Fr and 4K Rr. I was thinking about 5K rears but we'll try this first. BC standard rates are 5K/3K. A bit light in the rear.
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How many dolla's?
hi guys.... bring back an old thread.... i have myself a 2015 st i have had about a month now and want to do the coil overs. i rang BC Australia to inquire about the spring rates and stuff like that and suggest that i stay with the std 4k/3k unless i know how i want the car setup and so forth.... its pretty much a daily/spirited hills driving and maybe even the drags on the odd occasion... i may take it circuit/auto cross if the mood strikes me but doubt i will.....
so is the std spec a really good set up and i should be happy with it? as im not racing any circuit the 5k/4k wont be necessary?.....
i just dont know which way to go here eheheh, thanks

Go with 5k/3k. You'll like it much better. I have had that setup since March this year and it is better than the stock springs and Koni Yellows in any type of driving from autocross to mountain roads to daily driving. The damping setting is adjustable enough to give you any kind of ride you like and you won't notice a harsher ride, just more......I don't know.....better.

After I got mine I kept asking my buddies why didn't you tell me about coilovers?! They're great!!
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