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Best Ford bodyshop near Dallas?

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After the break-in of my car, I need to take it into a bodyshop to repair the paint on the driver's door. It is a 4 week old Fiesta ST in PB. It also needs some interior cleanup, and a few other odds n ends. I want to take it to a Ford dealer's bodyshop, as it is brand new.

So which shop would do the better work?

Sam Pack's 5 Star Ford in Carrollton, where I bought the car?

Or Westways Ford in Irving?

My dilemma is this. I work Tuesday to Saturday 11am-8pm. So will be dropping off on Monday. I work past their closing time. Westways Ford is down the street (almost) from where I work, so could pick it up when done during my lunch. Sam Packs Ford is a distance away, so would need to lose time off from work to pick it up. But being I got the car from them, they might help me out more.

So, has anyone had experience with either dealer's body or service shop, and could recommend the one to use? Thanks!
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