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Black SVT Focus detail

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I recently performed the following detail for a Focaljet member.

The initial condition is what is to be expected from a 100k+ mile daily-driven car. Many rock chips, swirls, scratches and other imperfections. This detail was in no way attempting to achieve perfection on this vehicle as many of the paint issues would need respraying to fix. However, the improvement of this cars appearance is very significant.

Here is the initial condition of the hood after wash and prep for polishing.

This is after the initial correction process which was still to be refined and protected

An after and before on the roof. (right is before)

A section displaying before & after condition.

Before condition of the hatch

After conditioin

A 50/50 on the rear bumper, some deeper defects remain. However, gloss and color were restored

Another 50/50 shot

Before condition of mirror

After correction the mirror cap

After full mirror correction

Before condition of pillar trim

After correction

The following are after correction but before finishing. I took the opportunity to grab these photos because the lighting was very nice.

This is during the use of PolishAngel Contour as the finishing polish and base for Centurion

Again, after Contour, the lighting proved very nice for some photos. Yes the headlights are hazy, this is mostly due to condensation buildup on the inside. I had polished the outside of the lenses.

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Very nicely done! Hope mine looks that good when it's that old.:)
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