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Bolt on questions.

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Hey guys. New to the forum.
I currently have a Molten Orange on order, should get it in the next couple weeks.
I bought the car for my daily driver to drive over 120 miles a day.

So my question is. Is it still possible for Ford to know if the vehicle has been tuned? Also, does anyone have any experience with running a downpipe without a tune and a cheater?

And another question. What if I got a second ecu then if I ever need warranty work I could put it all back to stock and reinstall the original ecu?

Plans for the car are intake, hard intercooler pipes, exhaust. And possibly downpipe and tune.
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Tunes aren't ecu swap like back in the day...these days you just plug into the obd2 port and reflash the factory ecu with different programming. How detectable things like that are depend on what you're going in for. If it's a general oil change, probably not a big deal. If you're going in b/c your turbo is toast, prob best to take it off. There is a lot of debate whether they can or can't detect them, but my bet would be they could if they dug deep enough in the coding and data stored, however that requires a lot of work and your average dealership isn't equipped to discover that.
I know how a tune works. I had a 400whp turbo zx3. A 2011 5.0. And currently a K20 in a crx.

My question was. My car comes with ecu A. What if I buy a separated ecu (B) and tune ecu b. Then say my motor blows. I put the car back to stock then reinstall the original ecu A. When the dealer hooks up their computer to read max rpm, boost and load and what ever else they look at to determine if it's been modified they will only see the stock parameters.
I'd guess that if you blew the engine, it might create a history of trouble codes which the second ecu might not show, which would be mighty suspicious to a tech. I say, don't modify something beyond whatever safety margin that gets established by the aftermarket manufacturers. Let them blow the engines! You reap the reward of their r&d.
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What if I got a second ecu then if I ever need warranty work I could put it all back to stock and reinstall the original ecu?
I do not believe that this is possible.
I asked this question some time before, to my friend, a service shop foreman at my dealer.
The modules (ECU included) in these new cars do not talk to each other right out of the box.
They need to be initialized to communicate with the other modules once installed.
This is done using a Ford Service Computer with online connection to Ford.
The module is then set to your VINs original programming.

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