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Any FiSTs out there running boomba blow off spacer/adapter on their car? I've got a few questions:
1) do you need a tune for it? Probably you don't, but just wanna be sure;
2) it's venting to the atmosphere all the time, so do you have a chance to get a CEL at some point?
3) Is there any long term engine problems? I've read online that installing aftermarked real blow off valves on a stock system can have a risk of running a little leaner and overtime potentially damaging something, so not sure if this adapter is safe long term.


I have one and,

1. Def do not need a tune
2. No issue with CEL, car uses the MAP sensor, so no chance of problems
3. No long term risk. The pressure gets vented one way or the other. OEM is goes back into the pre-turbo side, BOV it goes into the atmosphere. Either way it's gone

Having said that, your DV is electrically controlled, so it does sound a little weird some times (I can finesse mine to just open half way up). 99% of the time it sounds the business though.

Having said THAT, it got obnoxiously loud for me after a few months. In removing mine I dropped the spring for the DV piston down a drain, and there are no service parts for the DV, you can only buy it with a complete turbo. And the BOV spacer makes your car immediately in H Mod if you autox
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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