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Boomba BOV adapter. worth it?

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Im looking into the aftermarket for my new FiST. Im new to doing any engine work, so i want to ease into it. I see that Boomba offers a blow off valve adapter that gives you that classic turbo "phssssst" sound. Is it worth the $100, or should I move on?
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I have heard the Boomba BOV adapter in person a few times and it sounds really good, just not sure if I want that much sound everyday. If I could compare the volume and say stock is a 0 and the Boomba adapter is a 10, I would love something around 5. I think with a cat-back exhaust to add some increase in exhaust noise, the BOV adapter would be a good fit for me. With stock exhaust and intake, all you hear is the BOV adapter. The good thing is that if you install it and don't like it, the part can be easily removed.
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