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Both O2 sensors crossthreaded from factory

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I was working on installing an atp downpipe and it was really the second worst thing I've ever done while working on a car took me 5 fucking hours to remove the stock downpipe. I digress neither of the two o2 sensors wanted to come loose and I eventually coaxed them by tightening a little the loosening more and on both the threads were badly damaged. My car only has 30k miles and the sensors have never been removed prior. Can I warranty the sensors with ford? Also I need two o2 sensors so if anyone has some let me know.
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Lol at the meme but no, I don't think Ford would ever warranty the removal of a previously good part.

If you had an O2 sensor problem that they diagnosed and then had a problem removing is one thing but you removing it for upgrading the DP is completely different.

And fwiw, I had the same issue on mine and had to replace the front as well. Out-of-pocket cost on my end as well. *Use anti-seize!!!*
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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