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Brake Caliper Paint

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I did not order the grey wheel package on my FIST but I was thinking of painting the caliper red myself.

Does anyone know what caliper paint is remotely close to what comes with the grey wheel package? I really want it to be an exact red im kinda scared to buy some random red caliper paint and it comes out to light or too dark.
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I did mine with VHT caliper paint. I used the orange since my car is Molten Orange. I'm quite happy with it. The VHT red is available in many auto parts stores. The orange I had to order from Amazon. Just make sure you clean the calipers really well before painting or it will start flaking off. Best to use brake cleaner and then alchohol to remove residue..
I too used the VHT orange.
It also had to be ordered but I used Summit Racing.

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I have used G2 caliper paint on my Mustang, Fiesta, both of our Escapes, and did my dad's Shelby GT, 94 Saleen, SVT Focus, and Fusion Sport. I am really impressed with the paint and it holds up great! The Fiesta and Escape get used all year round and the paint does pretty good with the harsh conditions of winter. I touched up the Fiesta calipers after 3 winters, only because I had the paint out and the wheels off. Some easy touch-up was all that was needed to refresh them. I also did the rotor hats on my Fiesta.
I just used plastidip. works like a charm.
I'm planning to paint my calipers yellow using the Dupli-Color Brake Caliper Paint Kit. Their red looks very good, but I wanted a contrast with the Race Red of my FiST.
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